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Rev. Lee W. Outlaw III, PhD

Pastor/Counselor - Theologian/Church Consultant 

About One Outlaw's Opinion:

One Outlaw's Opinion is the website of
the Ministry of Dr. Lee Outlaw.
From this Website, you can conveniently link to my various ministries, including,  Outlaw's Opinion Blog, A"Think-tank" dedicated to Pastors and theologians who desire a forum for "free expression" and innovative thought away from the mainstream of denominational bias, church hiarchy and theological prejudice. Books, articles and poetry written by me, as well as links to my Prayer Page, Writer's Page,Church Catstrophe Consulting Group and my personal pages on FaceBook and Google+.


Opinions by

Dr. Lee Outlaw:

Please read the previous and current opinions and post your own thoughts, experiences and opinions.

(Please note- the previous opinions are not yet converted into contemporary "blog" format, Any comments on these may be emailed or placed in the Current Opinions Blog Comments section.)

Pastors - Share Your Experiences and Ideas. . . . . .

If you have had a unique pastoral experience, idea,strategy for growth, theological or spiritual insight you would like to share with other pastors or simply comment on my opinions. I would be delighted to hear from you. These are difficult but exciting times to be involved in ministry. Let's join together in support of each other.

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About Dr Lee Outlaw


Dr.Lee Outlaw is an ordained, Southern Baptist Pastor and graduate of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. He has pastored churches in FL and TX for over 20 years. Dr. Outlaw currently resides in Harlingen, TX utilizing his experience as both pastor and insurance adjuster offering consultation services to pastors and churches. He is the former religious editor for the Davie, FL Times and the Christianity/religious writer for the Brownsville,TX edition of, he also writes the  Drtruthman Counseling/Opinion Blog and is the owner of Dr. Lee Outlaw's Writer's Page on FaceBook. Contact Dr. Outlaw at

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