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Book Catalog

Listed below are Books, Booklets and Writings  available by Dr. Lee Outlaw:

Books by Dr. Lee Outlaw

  1. Church Tales
  2. Believe
  3. The Gabriel Factor
  4. Is It Really Worth It?
  5. Lost Until Loved
  6. Labs, Life and Lies

Church Tales - Ministry Stories by Dr. Lee Outlaw

A Selection of 15 True Life Stories from the Ministry                                                                                                                               of  Dr. Lee Outlaw    

BELIEVE - The Story of One Woman's Cure from Cancer


Is it Really Worth it?

Dr. Outlaw openly analyzes the ultimate question of every pastor.

The Gabriel Factor

From Creation through the ressurection of Christ as seen through the eyes of God's messeger Gabriel.

Labs, Life and Lies

Learn how cancer was cured only to have our government halt final production of the vital life saving medication

Lost Until Loved

The Old Testament Love Story between Ruth and Boaz and the prophetic typology of the redeemptive role of Christ.